More About Our Strega Roots

It all began in Boston’s famed North End, the vibrant Italian American community that lays claim to many of the region’s best Italian Restaurants. Within the maze of narrow streets and old brick buildings, Italian pastry shops, restaurants, and old-school delis pack this historic landmark known as America’s oldest neighborhood. The North End became home to many families immigrating from Italy for decades, including the family of Strega creator Mr. Nick Varano back in 1968. With a passion for hard work, Nick worked at his parents’ Italian restaurant in East Boston for years learning everything he could, ultimately opening the original Strega North End in 2003, boasting authentic Italian cuisine, dramatic décor and unmatched hospitality.

Nick’s immense passion for food made from the heart and his genuine propensity for treating people like family drove the Strega experience and multi-location brand to where it is today. With a passion for cultivating some of America’s most iconic restaurant brands, the team at PPX Hospitality Brands (known for their stewardship of Smith & Wollensky Steakhouses) recognized a unique culture and exciting future in the Strega brand. Soon after acquiring the Seaport, Back Bay & Woburn restaurants, along with several Caffes in January of 2020, PPX invited the Strega managers and team members to join in a new venture, honoring Nick’s legacy of treating others with warmth and compassion, maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality and providing the biggest and best Italian culinary experience in Boston.

Welcome Strega Italiano, where “Things Could Get Messy”!